Customer Support


At DCM, we know that every industrial company needs to maximize productivity and reduce costs.

For decades, our customers' machines have been operating all over the world and we have provided them with comprehensive service solutions to meet their needs.

Rich in this experience, DCM is there to serve you throughout the life of your equipment!


In addition to a large stock available in standard spare parts, we respond to all your requests, whether it is a study of additional options, retrofits, or line modifications (additions of modules, unwinders, rewinders, finishing…).



Whether it is for preventive maintenance operations, repair and assistance in the event of a breakdown, our solid team of traveling, experienced and multilingual technicians is available worldwide.



Our teams are determined to constantly improve the performance of your equipment and adapt your machines to meet new production requirements.

They assist you to increase production capacity and / or to offer new product options.



Our Hotline team provides you with remote technical assistance for the operation or maintenance of the machine. This team can help you with your requests.

It is also the team you can count on for all your questions regarding continuous improvements or technical innovations.


  • Spare parts
  • Upgrade and modernization
  • On-site intervention
  • Remote assistance



Our different levels of maintenance contracts allow you to :

  • Improve your productivity;
  • Anticipate curative maintenance and minimize downtime;
  • Produce with peace of mind;
  • Reinforce the security on your installation;
  • Benefit from preferential rates on wear parts.

The maintenance contract allows you to secure in advance the framework of the service, as well as all the procedures related to the maintenance of your equipment.



Full training is always provided with the machine installation.

We have our own technicians, and they speak several languages.

They can intervene either after new equipment has been installed to train your staff, or at any other time to improve their skills and / or train new operators.



Machine transfer requires know-how, experience and an understanding of the processes involved. Only when all of these factors come together can any inconvenience or delay in restarting production be avoided.

We take care of all the necessary steps for production on the new site to take place with a start-up in the best conditions :

  • Prior audit
  • Disassembly
  • Transport and logistics management
  • Installation on the new site
  • Commissioning
  • Training


To contact customer support :


Hotline service DCM: + 33 1 41 37 15 32 | hl[@]

 Hotline service ATN:  hlatn[@]


Spare Parts Service DCM: + 33 1 41 37 52 82 | spd[@]

Spare Parts Service ATN: + 33 1 71 15 60 89 | spdatn[@]


Response Department : + 33 1 41 37 14 30 | intervention[@]